Frequently Asked Questions

Orders made by Thursday midnight will always be sent out the following Monday morning. If you are outside of the Marbella region, your package will arrive on Tuesday morning. Orders made Friday to Sunday, we will be in contact with you whether they can be fulfilled by Monday or if they will have to be sent the following week.

We can only guarantee delivery for the following week when orders are made by Thursday midnight.

As long as you immediately refrigerate your meals upon delivery and they stay refrigerated the meals will keep fresh for one week.

We deliver nationally across all of Spain.

Yes you can freeze the meals as long as it is done before their expiry date, the fresher the meals are when frozen the fresher they will be when defrosted.

Our menu changes every single week. This is done so that the meals won’t repeat themselves and prevent you from getting bored. You tell us your meal preferences in a note in the checkout and we provide you with a variety of meals that suit your preferences . If you are not comfortable with this process please feel free to contact us for an alternative solution.

A subscription will be started when you order online but this can be paused or cancelled at any time. The subscription is to save you the time and effort it takes to manually place orders in time every week.

Yes of course! Even though this may not be a clear option when looking at our meal packages, you can always contact us directly and we can customise the meal packages to suit you.

We deliver once a week. If you have specific needs which require multiple deliveries please contact us directly.

We would recommend for taste purposes to heat up your meals. All our meals can be eaten cold, they have already been cooked. The easiest way is to microwave your meal for 2:30 minutes or if you prefer not to microwave food you can always heat it up in a pan or in the oven. For the pan and oven be sure to remove the food from the packaging.

Yes all our meals are cooked already.

Yes we have different packages depending on quantity as well as what the catering is for. Whether it is a one of event or the lunch solution for your entire company.

Yes of course! We offer discounts on prepaid months. Contact us now to find out what you could be saving!