Frequently Asked Questions

If you are placing an order after Thursday midnight it is too late to order for the following week. If this happens to you, contact us and we will try and accommodate.

Yes of course. Combining meal sizes is a great way to manipulate your calorie intake and it is helpful if you prefer to have a large meal after your workout or for lunch and smaller meals at other times.

The best meal plan for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. The best thing to do is to have a rough idea of how many calories you need per day and then decide how many meals you would like per day. Then it will be easy to figure out which meal is best for you. Still not sure, contact us and we will help you.

Once an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled. Depending on the time frame we can place this order on hold but only when we have not started processing the order.

Subscriptions will always come out on Tuesdays. You will be notified 48 hours before with next weeks meals and you can make any changes you like up to that point.

You can place one of orders of our menu or sign up to receive meals weekly through our subscriptions. This subscription can be stopped by you at any point.

No. Once an order is made, this happens Wednesdays, it cannot be cancelled. With timely notice we could put it on hold for you. To prevent this from happening simply cancel the subscription before your order is made.

We can only guarantee delivery for the following week when orders are made by Thursday midnight.

As long as you immediately refrigerate your meals upon delivery, and they stay refrigerated the meals will keep fresh for one week.

We deliver nationally across all of Spain.

Yes you can freeze the meals as long it is done before their expiry date, the fresher the meals are when frozen the fresher they will be when defrosted.

We deliver once a week. If you have specific needs which require multiple deliveries please contact us directly.

We would recommend for taste purposes to heat up your meals. All our meals can be eaten cold, they have already been cooked. The easiest way is to microwave your meal for 2:30 minutes or if you prefer not to microwave food you can always heat it up in a pan or in the oven. For the pan and oven be sure to remove the food from the packaging.

Yes all our meals are cooked and ready to eat.

Yes we have different packages depending on quantity as well as what the catering is for. Whether it is a one of event or the lunch solution for your entire company.

Yes! We offer discounts on prepaid months. Contact us now to find out what you could be saving!

Yes. We accept payments from each of these companies.

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