The terms healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and healthy foods are used all the time. But is it clear to everyone what they mean? We all probably have some idea, but we are here to clear up any confusion.

Healthy food, healthy eating – many people will have their own definitions, but they all come down the following. Feeding your body with the fuel and nutrients your body needs to thrive. When we fail to do this and eat the wrong fuel or not enough of the right fuel our bodies will need to compensate to keep going. Excess unhealthy, the wrong foods, will make us more susceptible to diseases related to poor diets such as cancers, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Nutrient deficiencies will have an immediate effect on how we look and feel.

People might have their own way of eating healthy, however these basic principles work for us all.

Try to avoid processed food, the less ingredients food come with the better. The most natural is usually the healthiest. Natural quality sources of protein such as animal proteins, beans and legumes cannot be outdone by processed foods. The same goes for carbohydrates of which you can have fruits and vegetables rather than artificial sugars. Fats are also crucial however it is important we get this from coconut, avocado and animal proteins rather than excess trans fats and seed oils.

The best way to know what exact healthy foods are best for you is by trial and error. “meat free” “gluten free” “dairy free” “grain free” etc, are not necessary for everyone. If you have an individual preference that is fine, and if you have intolerances it would be best to avoid these but otherwise eating natural foods, enough protein and not eating in excess is the best way to eat healthy.

Phosh Food