Every year the same thing happens. Summer is around the corner and you need to lose weight. Everyone panics and wants rapid weight loss. It is possible and there are a variety of ways to go about this. Many different diets, each with their unique take. What all these plans have in common is discipline. If you have discipline you will succeed.

So what are the actual steps to achieve your goals? Firstly, you will need to plan calorie intake as well an exercise programme. For fitness plans, the best way of course would be to get a personal trainer or an online trainer who could guide you with your own unique level towards your goal. If this is not feasible it is definitely best to find a plan and stick to it. Most people are not able to put together a well thought out plan and just going to the gym and doing some stuff for an hour is not the way to progress.

Secondly, when it comes to calorie intake you will need to work out what your daily calorie expenditure is. There are many calculators online such as “https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html” which will help determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR will tell you how many calories to consume to maintain your current weight. It is best to stick to these calories or only drop these calories by 200 per day to start. Monitor your weight and take pictures weekly to analyze progress. If progress is great, don’t change a thing. If there is no progress, systematically drop your calories little by little. Your body is going to feel much better by eating as much calories as possible while still losing weight, it also allows more room to further drop calories.

IMPORTANT. Cheat days are not a thing. If you are truly dedicated you can eat the right food for 12 weeks straight. If you feel you cannot stick to your regular nutrition throughout the process, then allow yourself a meal where you eat food that you normally wouldn’t such as a burger or some pizza but be accountable. What does that mean?

Be honest about how many calories you consumed in that cheat meal. Take any excess calories out of the rest of your day or spread it across multiple days in the week. The most important thing is that your weekly calories stay on track.

If for example you need 2000 calories per day, that is equal to 14000 calories per week. If you want to eat 2600 calories on a Sunday you know that Monday to Saturday you should only be eating 1900 calories. You will still achieve your goals using this method.

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