Meal prep and meal solutions are becoming more and more popular. People are putting great value on time saving and convenience. As obvious as there are benefits to meal prep, there are also disadvantages. Here we will go over both aspects and some of our tips to make it easier.

Benefits of meal prep:

  1. You will save lots of time. Not having to regularly go shopping, not having to cook daily, not having to plan your meals daily. All these tasks that you usually need to repeat every day, sometimes multiple times per day, can now be done on a weekly basis.
  2. Save money. Whether you eat out regularly or if you cook daily, meal prep will save you money. Planning your meals beforehand allows you to make better use of the ingredients you already have. You also have the benefit of buying bigger packs of food, which is cheaper, rather than trying to buy just enough food for one single meal and then wasting the rest of it.
  3. Consistently eating healthy becomes easy. Once you have done all the hard work, all the shopping and cooking, you only need to focus on eating the meals that you have already prepared. This makes it much easier to avoid temptation. You also know exactly what went into the meals. No hidden calories. Check out the healthy diet blog.
  4. Any one of these factors can benefit anyone. Even more so for anyone with a busy schedule which is more and more common.

Disadvantages of meal prep:

  1. One or two days will consist of several hours shopping and in the kitchen. First you will plan your meals and create a shopping list. Once you have gotten all your supplies you then spend a few hours in the kitchen. This will be longer or shorter depending on the variety of meals you would like.
  2. Commitment. This is an issue a common issue. What if your plans change? What if you want to eat something else that day? What if you do not want to spend your spare time prepping for hours?
    There’s two sides to this. Firstly, this could be the entire reason you need meal prep. Because you are eating out too much. Because you are not sticking to your diet. The other side to it is that you only do it for the time and money saving benefits, but you still want to go out every now and then. The solution is simple, don’t prepare all your meals ahead of time. If you eat 3 or 4 times a day, only prepare 2 ahead of time. This way these 2 meals are convenient, and you know you have a nutritious meal waiting for you and then for the remainder of your meals you can do whatever you like.  
  3. It can be repetitive. Do you spend less time meal prepping but eat the same thing over and over or do you vary your diet a lot but end up spend many hours meal prepping? There is no correct answer, find a happy medium and see our tips to make it a little easier.

Our advice to you:

  • Invest in proper storage containers. Proper containers that are also leak proof and stack nicely will leave your kitchen much less cluttered and maintain the foods freshness as long as possible.
  • Plan ahead. The better you can plan out your week and meals the easier everything else will be. The whole process will go smoother, and you will also have a lot less waste.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. If you say Sunday mornings you dedicate to meal prep, stick to it. Whatever schedule you set do not change it because that is when you run out of time or one of the many other reasons happen as to why you could not prepare this week.
  • When weighing up the benefits and disadvantages of meal prep remember, you don’t need to start with all your meals prepped. You can make some meals as you go or order a few meals out. It does not need to be a big life changing decision.

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